Twine invitations available

avril 16, 2008

We have 3 invitations left to participate to the beta-phase of . (auto-proclamed « first web 3.0 application ») If you want one to judge for yourself, post a comment here – with your email somewhere. First-come, first-served !

How-to install a Sesame RDF server

avril 5, 2008

[An english translation of the previous french article]

Every profession has its own tools. For the emerging professions of the semantic web, RDF repositories will become the foundations of the semantic pyramid, a tool that every « semantic worker » will use; maybe one day, when referring to these « semantic workers », we will speak about « semantic manager », or « semantic architects »… Anyway these RDF repositories are talking about promising performances for growing amounts of data : they are reaching one billion of triples, and that is the focus of the next « semantic web challenge » (see also here and there). This remains however ridiculously small compared to relationnal databases, that can store terabytes of data; especially when you consider that, in order to garantee optimal performances on complex queries and inference, RDF databases are generally all loaded into memory…

But not everyone needs a billion-triple-large RDF database, and you can start working with such a tool by installing the Sesame RDF server. Lire le reste de cette entrée »