Semantic Web – Top 10 Linked Data Research Issues

They were listed here :

  • Privacy (addressing the problem of increasing data availability about persons)
  • Interculturalization (Multilingual datasets)
  • Updating LD (Synchronizing Datasets and Links, SPARUL Federated Transactions, History, logs, change sets, temporal tracking)
  • Creating LD (Creating and maintaining links, Co-Reference, design methodology for creating linked data, exploring vocabulary creation and usage, using NLP for extracting links)
  • Evaluation, metrics, benchmarks
  • Trust (measures, data provenance)
  • Creating links (schema-level mappings, long-term goal: fusion)
  • Publish LD (access control, licensing/IPR issues (legal and social implications))
  • UI Research (user interface/interaction and usability, visualizing linked data, Ways to search for URIs (not only keyword based), using natural language interfaces)
  • Internet of Things (devices, sensors)
  • Social Impact (economic values and impact)
  • Old DB work applied schema mapping and data fusion

  • Web scale data management (indexing, crawling)
  • Web Architecture

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